Some users, such as those who are blind, have low-vision or are colorblind, may not be able to differentiate colors. Because of this, information should never be presented only in color as it may be missed. This includes color being used to convey information, indicate an action, prompt a response, or distinguish a visual element. This does not mean that color can not be used for these purposes, it just means that that information needs to be given in another form as well.

WCAG 1.4.1: Use of Color Opens in a new window


  • When color is used to represent information, it must also be represented in another way.


The stars below are a violation of this standard because the only thing that differentiates the stars is color.

5 stars with a black outline and a yellow fill on 2 and a white fill on 3.


  • Possible ways to differentiate other than with color are symbols, shapes, and text.

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