On mobile devices gestures are added for functionality such as swiping between pictures in a gallery. The issue with this is that not all users will be using a tool that allows them to complete gestures. For example some of our users may be using a switch device that only has two buttons. For these users we have to have a way to complete the same functionality

WCAG 2.5.1: Pointer Gestures Opens in a new window


  • Any functionality that we add using gestures, needs to also be possible using a single pointer.
  • Using a single pointer means taps, double taps, and long presses with one finger.
  • Native functionality, such as horizontal and vertical scroll, is exempt from this standard.


  • When adding functionality, make sure there is a button that can be used.
  • Ideally for carousels the "next" and "previous" buttons are visible at all times on all breakpoints. If this is not possible on mobile, the alternative is to make the entire side of the image/card a button.