Forms are a very important part of the booking process but they can be confusing for some of our users. In order to help our users get through a booking we need to make fixing errors as easy as possible. In order to do that it needs to be immediatlly obvious that there are errors, what the errors are, and how to fix them.

WCAG 3.3.1: Error Identification Opens in a new window

WCAG 3.3.3: Error Suggestion Opens in a new window


  • All required fields use the aria-required="true" attribute.
  • When a form is submitted with errors, focus is sent to the beginning of the error summary.
  • The error summary includes either links to all fields in error or just to the first field in error.
  • Each field in error has aria-invalid="true" to tell screen reader users it's invalid.
  • Each field in error says how to fix the error.