For a user who can't see the page, the order they hear content has a large affect on it's meaning. These users can not easily skim down the page to see what is coming next. When a user comes across a button that will progress them through the path we want them to have heard everything they need to make that decicion. If a user has to search around to make sure they have all of the information it will add to the already long amount of time it will take them.

WCAG 1.3.2: Meaningful Sequence Opens in a new window


  • Screen reader focus goes to all content on the page, with the exception of decorational content.
  • When a new page or screen loads, focus starts on the very first element at the top.
  • In general, screen reader focus goes left to right, top to bottom (for languages that read in that direction).
  • When content is contained in columns screen reader focus should go down each column before moving to the next (this does not include tables).
  • The button to submit a form or move to the next page should always come at the end of the content. In order to satisfy this the focus order may be changed. For example the right column may get focus before the left.
  • The button/link to select a listing should come after all of the content of the listing.
  • All content related to a heading should come after the heading.